Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Consumer Electronic Show

2013 C.E.S.

We have returned from a successful Consumer Electronic show in Las Vegas.  It is an exciting time for us here at Keyboard Organizer and MyKeyO.  We learned a lot about our opportunities both domestically and internationally.  Our new 6 in ONE Keyboard with Restt technology proved to be very popular.  You can find all of our models including the 6 in ONE on by searching "mykeyo".
We also showed our Executive Restt which is designed specifically for the Apple Wireless Keyboard.  We are currently working on tooling a lower priced Silicone line that should be available by Q4 of this year.  Our unique limited production Polished Aluminum model is available on our website.

I have also included a few video links of what we looked like at the show.  Brenda is our Latin American Representative and she did a nice presentation (much better than mine)

We at Keyboard Organizer / MyKeyo are expecting great things in 2013.  Our initial release of the 6 in ONE has proved to be a success.   This year, we will be releasing additions to existing products that will expand our line and bring us into the mainstream.  We appreciate your feedback and support and look forward to an inspirational and effectual future!